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Nashville.com Artist Debut – Alyse Pruitt

By: Michael Castello

I am the owner of Nashville.com, and for many years a singer/songwriter. I write this today because of a father who reached out to me about his daughter, that I believe is very talented and should be heard by more people.

Her name is Alyse Pruitt and when heAlyse Pruittr father sent me her music I got chills. Yeah, I thought she was THAT good. She sings, plays guitar and piano and writes her own music. That is a triple-header in my book.

Alyse was born in 1996 in the town of Simi Valley, California. When she was 3, her family moved to Phoenix, Arizona where she found her passion for music at a very early age. Alyse’s parents realized her talent right away and began encouraging her and exposing her to many different musical genres. She grew up spending her weekends at music festivals and local coffee shops, listening and learning. She also loved (and still loves) the Lawrence Welk show, and still draws inspiration from the classic big band music from the show. Beginning piano lessons around the age of eight, Alyse struggled because she had difficulty reading music. She tried many different teachers, but they all insisted that she could not be a musician unless she could read sheet music. In spite of this, Alyse continued to sing and play piano by ear. She learned by listening to the radio and playing along. Getting involved in musical theater, Alyse performed in productions, such as Annie and Cinderella, and at the same time began singing in church. She started guitar lessons when she was thirteen, but again struggled to learn from sheet music, so she started teaching herself instead. Before long Alyse was leading worship at her local church youth group and continued to grow and learn.

Her family moved to Jacksonville, Florida (where she currently resides) when she was fifteen. Alyse fell seriously ill from mold poisoning not long afterwards and has been having a long slow recovery. It was during this difficult time that she began writing songs. It took her love of music to a new level and became vital to her everyday life in a difficult time.

Since then, Alyse has written over forty songs, and is learning many other stringed instruments, including the dulcimer, ukulele, banjo, and mandolin. She has played publicly at the Riverside Arts Market in Jacksonville, and also at local restaurants. She has traveled to Los Angeles to learn, and sat in on a professional recording session in Hollywood with upcoming artist Sunn St Claire. She has recorded her first demo in a home studio, recording of three of her original songs. Alyse serves in her church youth band, playing guitar and percussion, as well as singing, continuing to write and play locally.

I invite you so listen to Alyse Pruitt’s music. Dreamin.mp3


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