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Mid-Missouri’s winter weather advisory begins tonight at 9

Here are the updated snow projections from the National Weather Service (NWS) in St. Louis (January 24, 2023 graphic courtesy of NWS St. Louis Twitter)

Columbia, Jefferson City and much of the 939 the Eagle listening area should see several inches of snow by tomorrow (Wednesday).

The National Weather Service (NWS) has issued a winter weather advisory for the entire listening area, which takes effect tonight at 9. NWS St. Louis meteorologist Mark Britt expects snow to begin falling this evening.

“Main part of the snow will be late Tuesday night into Wednesday morning. And we are looking at about two to five inches of snow,” Britt says.

NWS St. Louis meteorologist Ben Herzog tells 939 the Eagle that Columbia is expected to receive two to five inches of snow by tomorrow, while Jefferson City is projected to see three to six inches. Snow should begin falling in mid-Missouri tonight at 9.

A heavier band of snow is expected along the I-70 corridor east of Columbia. Fulton, New Florence and Warrenton could see six inches of snow. Southern Missouri’s Farmington and Lebanon could see nine inches.

The National Weather Service is urging you to prepare your vehicle today ahead of the heavy, wet snow moving into mid-Missouri tonight.

“Anytime during winter (you) want to have more than a half-tank of gas in your car. You want to make sure that you have a winter preparedness kit in your car, say a blanket,” says Britt.

You’re also urged to have gloves and water with you in your vehicle, and to make sure your cell phone is fully charged.

Keep fresh batteries for your radio and keep it tuned to 939 the Eagle for updated winter weather information, including road conditions.