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(AUDIO): State Rep. Kent Haden (R-Mexico) discusses dead wildlife legislation on “Wake Up Mid-Missouri”

State Rep. Kent Haden (R-Mexico) says there’s a “food fight” between the Missouri Department of Conservation and the state Department of Transportation (MODOT) over which agency should pay to remove dead deer and large dead animals from roads. Haden has filed legislation that requires MoDOT to remove and bury dead wildlife on a road, highway or shoulder that is large enough to impede traffic. The Missouri House Transportation Accountability Committee has heard testimony on Haden’s bill. House Bill 404 would require MoDOT to remove the dead deer, with Conservation paying those expenses. Conservation would also be required to bury the dead deer on Conservation land that’s three feet deep. Representative Haden tells 939 the Eagle’s “Wake Up Mid-Missouri” this is an issue in both urban and rural Missouri: