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Safety improvement recommendations coming soon for Columbia’s Paris road

Motorists travel on Columbia’s Paris road (Route B), near Gerbes (July 2022 file photo courtesy of Columbia Public Works spokesman John Ogan)

A roadway safety audit continues on Columbia’s heavily-traveled Paris road, from Oakland Church road to the Business Loop.

Numerous safety complaints from 939 the Eagle listeners about the Paris Road and Vandiver intersection this summer helped prompt the roadway safety audit. Columbia Regional Economic Development Incorporated (REDI) president Stacey Button says Route B is an important corridor, adding the safety concerns are important as well.

“I think the next steps in the process really are to evaluate what those observation days showed and then bringing in engineers and make some recommendations so that improvements can be made ultimately,” Button says.

Several 939 the Eagle listeners have called for Columbia to eliminate the flashing left turn light at Paris and Vandiver, following the July death of motorcyclist Mark Lamont.

Button spoke on 939 the Eagle’s “CEO Round Table.” Click here to listen to the full interview.