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High School Basketball
Callaway County Game Of The Week

Sports on KFAL

High School Basketball is here! Join The Big 900 KFAL for exciting high school basketball with our Callaway County Game of the Week.  From The Hornets, Thunderbirds, and Bulldogs, catch it all right here on The Big 900 KFAL.   Click Here to listen.

*Broadcast Subject to Change*


12/4       Fulton vs Hannibal                                         7:15

12/7       South Callaway vs New Bloomfield              7:15

12/14     North Callaway vs Louisiana                        7:15

12/18     Fulton vs Mexico                                            7:15

12/19     South Callaway vs North Callaway              7:15

12/21     Fulton vs Southern Boone                            7:15

1/7         North Callaway vs Centralia                         7:15

1/8-13   California Tourney                                         TBA

1/29       Southern Boone Tourney                              TBA

2/8         Fulton vs Kirksville                                        7:15

2/12       North Callaway vs Mont CO                         7:15

2/19       Fulton vs Moberly                                          7:15

2/22       Fulton vs Mexico                                            7:15

2/25     District Tourney                                               TBA