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Jefferson City’s tri-level crash impacts traffic for five hours

It took 939 the Eagle’s Stephanie Bell two hours to drive from Ashland to the Missouri River bridge in Jefferson City on August 15, 2023 (photo courtesy of 939 the Eagle’s Stephanie Bell)

While no injuries are reported, Jefferson City Police say Tuesday morning’s crash involving an overturned tractor trailer on the tri-level closed southbound Highway 54 traffic for about five hours.

The crash impacted the commute for thousands of motorists, preventing some from getting to work. That included some state Department of Transportation (MoDOT) employees.

939 the Eagle’s Stephanie Bell says it took her more than two hours to get from Ashland to Jefferson City because of the wreck. Jefferson City Police say the crash happened when a semi carrying livestock had a weight shift and overturned, causing a fuel spill. The cattle had to be transferred from the overturned trailer.