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Mike Sheffield

Hi I’m Mike Sheffield and I think it’s pretty awesome I get to spend some time with you on the radio. At home lots and lots of grilling takes place. Like this radio thing. Grilling is another one of my passions. “Grilling brings out the natural flavors of food. Meats and veggies including fruit. There’s something about that char. I love it all!” I try to keep in shape by training in many forms of Martial Arts. “Keeps you balanced and Prepared”. “Training is intense. Tossing log skidder tires, climbing rope and standing walls, shimmying across a rope over ponds to weapons training”. “It’s important to merge Mind, Body and Soul, and this for me is how I do that”. It’s not about getting big muscles. It’s about harmony. Yeah, I know…my trainer is a Navy Seal. So, yeah…intense.