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Comstock/ThinkstockThis East Tennessee theme park opened in 1961 and was originally called Rebel Railroad, before morphing into both Goldrush Junction and later Silver Dollar City. Can you guess what it's known as today? ANSWER:  Dollywood, Dol...

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“The Walking Dead” recap: “The Key”

AMC/Gene Page(NEW YORK) -- (SPOILERS AHEAD) Sunday night's The Walking Dead starts with Negan questioning his turncoat lieutenant Dwight as to how he escaped; Negan buys his lies. Meanwhile, the Saviors go about covering their blades in walker gut...

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General Entertainment

“Scandal” recap: “The List”

ABC/Richard CartwrightOn Scandal's latest episode, "The List," an intern named Alisha goes missing after she buys a gun. While the reason of her purchase is unknown, her father enlists Olivia Pope to help find her. Liv, with the help of Marcu...

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