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Former federal prosecutor considering run for Missouri attorney general in 2024

A former federal prosecutor who’s considering a run for Missouri attorney general says fentanyl is killing far more people than is being reported.

Will Scharf has launched a candidate committee for statewide office, signaling a run in 2024. Scharf tells listeners that he expects to make a formal announcement in January. He also served as the policy director for former Missouri Governor Eric Greitens. Scharf tells 939 the Eagle’s “Wake Up Mid-Missouri” that the United States must close the border.

“I don’t think I saw a single heroin case in my time in the U-S Attorney’s office. It’s all fentanyl. Whatever you think you’re getting, you’re actually just getting fentanyl,” Scharf says.

Scharf says there’s no heroin left in St. Louis.

“One of the real drivers of these overdose deaths is some dealers, if they have a weak batch of cocaine or a weak batch of another drug, they’ll just throw in a little bit of fentanyl so that the people they’re selling to get a kick out of it and think they’re getting better product,” says Scharf.

He’s also calling on the United States to confront China.

Scharf has been visiting with residents and conservative activists across the state. If he runs for Missouri attorney general, he would be challenging Republican Andrew Bailey in the August 2024 GOP primary. Governor Mike Parson (R) appointed Bailey to the post last week. Bailey has been serving as general counsel at the governor’s office.